In just a few weeks The Working Wolf solo exhibit opens! A substantial amount of new artwork created by yours truly will be on display, and I hope to see you there. Below is the wonderfully crafted Bunnycutlet Gallery Press Release for the event. Big Thanks to Liz Artinian at Bunnycutlet for making all of this happen!

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The Working Wolf
Chris George
Solo Exhibition

Opening reception - September 27th, 7pm-10pm

September 27th through October 25th, 2013

BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE September 13, 2013) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to present The Working Wolf, a series of new works by New York-based artist Chris George, in what will be his first solo exhibition at Bunnycutlet, releasing his largest body of new works to date.

The Working Wolf features a series of Chris George's multi-plane objects, a technique that was initially inspired by the layering process of painted cells in traditional animation. The artist's "backgrounds" are acrylic paintings on wood panel, providing a cinematic backdrop for several layers of painted plexiglass. The resulting piece is something between painting and sculpture. The more Chris George layers a piece, the more it begins to enjoy a slight cloudiness or aged quality, embedding his frolicsome narratives in an increasingly haunting, removed and nostalgic world.

Chris George's cinematic flair, meticulousness, sophisticated sense of color, and talent for character design are what make him one of the most respected art directors in New York's television animation industry. To the artist, a man who has lent his design charisma to countless productions, a working life becomes totally soul-consuming. His title image for The Working Wolf came to him as he thought about his own "cycle of work and consumption," and began sketching a fearsome creature in a wild environment, tamed by the trappings of his seat and desk.

In the artist's own words, "I've attempted to explore some imagery that deals with feelings of isolation, conflict, duality, cyclical patterns, and self-destructive behavior, usually via anthropomorphic animals... There is almost always some sort of implied violence mixed in as well, but also a little whimsy, dark humor, and, on occasion, a glimmer of hope. That said, it's not all just doom and gloom with me. It's doom and gloom wearing a smile, though not necessarily a smile you ought to trust." 

 Music/DJ Nithya Rajendran

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