{ PulpO }

Eight-person exhibition

Opening reception - Friday, August 6th 2010, 6pm-9:30pm

RUNS: August 6th, 2010 through August 30th, 2010 at Tulum Gallery, 244 N6th St. Williamsburg, NY 11211

Tulum Gallery is proud to present PulpO, an eight-person exhibition of new drawings and paintings by New York based artists in animation, illustration, and the fine arts. Showing together in a variety of styles and media, these seven artists draw from their backgrounds as representational artists to cultivate narratives influenced by pulp and comic-art traditions. Themes like science fiction, war, horror, the occult, exploitative stories, sensational iconography, and adventure are interpreted by this group with surreal, whimsical, and abstract flourishes.

Liz Artinian // Robert Bohn // Devin Clark
Jared Deal // Kelly Denato // Chris George
Christy Karacas // Jackson Publick