{ Stereo, Jo Jo }

Here's my humble contribution to Jared's Freaks, Geeks, And Sword Swallowers- now on exhibit at Monkey House Toys in LA.

Have you swung by the gallery yet to browse through all of the wonderful artwork? The show will be up through July 12th... And Mr. "hypertrichosis" here will be waiting for you.

Stereo, Jo Jo - acrylic and pen on wood board 11 x 14


Andre Barnwell said...

Im Diggin this. I really like how there seem to be these cool gallery showings around LA. Is that the big thing for local talent? Anyway hopefully I can get a job down there and contribute. Thatd be cool. Dope art and tunes.

Joe Cappabianca said...

Hey dude your stuff is awesome man, great piece.


Thanks, guys... Yeah, there seem to be a lot more gallery shows these days.

I don't really know how big the gallery thing is in the animation community as a whole, but the shows I've attended in NY seem to draw a large number of us out. Good times.