{ Too Art for TV 4- Submissions Time!! }

Too Art for TV 4 is almost upon us! If you currently work in/have worked in the animation industry and are interested in showcasing some of your non-industry related artworks (e.g. paintings, sculpture, vinyls, etc.) then you should apply!

Click on the link below for more information regarding the show and details:


Andre Barnwell said...

is Too Art for tv an annual event? Regardless , great painting and designs. I've always respected you sharing your industry work as well. Thanks for the links to the music


Yes, Sir. Too Art For TV is an annual event- a pretty awesome one too.

Thanks for the kind words. I will be posting more stuff soon- now that I've finally reformatted the blog... I'm planning on updating the playlist more often too (with album details) so keep your eyes peeled!